Building a secure landing page for your security website – Steps.

The establishing goal of a secured landing page is to provide a business with a high Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), maximum client data privacy and protection from potential online hacking. Landing page is basically used to compel site’s visitors in such a way that when they visitors leaves, they leave as a customer. In other […]

7 Components of a safe and secure website.

In this present age, websites have become a fundamental part to the growth of every businesses. As a business owner, if you intend growing and expanding your business to national and international markets, it is a must that you have a secured website platform. Unarguably, we live in an era of rapidly advancing artificial intelligence […]

All you need to know about Protected Payment Gateway Integration in Mobile Apps

In this modern technological era, a business must accept at least one type of online payment method such as credit card. The truth is that a lot of people likes to shop for items directly online. For this reason, a secure payment gateway integration with your company/business’s app is a fundamental requirement. It promises your […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Security Software Development

Outsourcing security software development simply entails assigning the task of developing/fabricating a particular online security system for a client to an external service provider who is considered professional in the field. Outsourcing in the security software development industry have lot of advantages. Not only will the task be handled by cybersecurity professionals, there are also […]