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Your security

Neto Tech is a one-stop solution for all your Online Business’ Security needs. Neto Tech is an industry-leading Information and Computer Security company

security Software

Neto tech offers unparallel provision of security app/software development and consultation services. From the early stages of planning and framework buildout to end-user delivery and safety maintenance, we will assist you in every single step of security system implementation for your business.

Technical support

Our highly responsive technical support staff would come to your rescue. With proficient management and problem handling techniques, our team is certified for eliminating the waiting time. Therefore, providing proven, fast and efficient technical repair and maintenance services for your online security system’s needs.

Quality Assurance

We offer a complete cycle and end-to-end security application testing with detailed analysis before actual implementation. These trial runs help us identify and eliminate security system flaws, discover room for improvement and test the software to its extreme ends. Ultimately, maximizing performance productivity.

Server Security

Neto Tech’s concept of cybersecurity lies in the safety and protection of servers. If the connection/network is secured and encrypted, hacking remains sufficiently prevented or impossible. As such, we provide a huge variety of efficacious security solutions for your online needs.

Our new product

The latest technologies to quickly and automatically verify the digital identities of new customers and existing users.

1 Know Your Customer

KYC solution absolutely FREE that helps you boost account opening conversions and speed onboarding while meeting stringent AML and KYC compliance obligations.

2 Easy To Implement And Scale

Easily integrates with web and mobile applications through API. Ready to use pre-built features and functions makes the integration process as fast as 1 hour.

3 White Label

We will provide you white label to boost your business operations and power up the distribution chain on already successful platform.

Hacking anything
to secure everything.

As a modern-day Cyber defense company, Neto Tech believes in the adaptation of businesses to online mediums safely and efficiently.

Firewall Protection

With a detailed insight and legal knowledge of the cybercrimes, they offer unmatched security measures for your web/app/software. Through us, you can easily enjoy a private, secured and enhanced online business experience.

Secured Payment

With expertise in the server encryption and protection; association of payment gateways with SSL integration, PCI compliance, API integration and hosted payment integration, we guarantee fast and secured mediums for online transactions.

Web Encryption

Neto Tech provides a full range of custom-designed web security solutions that promises to suit each of your business demand. We also guarantee maximum online data security and protection of sensitive information from potential hacking.

API Integration

API Integration is one of the fundamental needs of every modern-day business. Without it, surviving in this digital market might not be feasible. It enables fluid information delivery, integrated and personalized user experience with which automation comes into existence.

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When it comes to online data security, Neto Tech remains the one and only standard of the IT industry; Websites, Networks, Apps, Servers, Softwares – we offer security solutions for everything. With an entrusted work history of diversified national and international clients; Banks, Finance Management Companies, E-commerce Businesses, Brokerage Firms, Loan and Insurance Organizations, and Data Management Agencies, we possess the perfect solutions for your business’ online safety demands. Our company houses some of the best experienced, qualified and skilled developers and cybercrime experts of the modern computer engineering filed. Thus, providing individually designed, unique solutions for your every requirement. As the Digital World is advancing at a rapid pace, data breaching and privacy leaking have become a major problem. Thus, keeping in view the needs for foolproof online securities, we are also expanding the horizons for Neto Tech’s reachability. With the newer, more complex and artificially intelligent technologies coming out every day, we believe in the need for innovation accordingly. Consequently, providing futuristic cybersafety proposals to meet the modern-day challenges faced by online businesses. So that reliable as well as secured accessibility, and inter-connectivity can be guaranteed.