Published On Dec 19, 2019

In this modern technological era, a business must accept at least one type of online payment method such as credit card. The truth is that a lot of people likes to shop for items directly online. For this reason, a secure payment gateway integration with your company/business’s app is a fundamental requirement. It promises your clients as well as users with data confidentiality when looking to purchase your goods online.
A protected payment gateway integration allows your business to accept online transactions i.e. credit cards and direct payments, safely. Such services cost you per transaction but choosing the right portal for your business is more essential. The type of payment gateway that does not only support your business but also guarantees affordability according to the budget of your company is what you should look out for. Here are few things you should know before opting in for a particular payment gateway integration for your business’ mobile application.

Confidentiality of user’s data is the biggest risk you have to undertake when integrating payment gateways to your online business as you will remain responsible for your user’s data security such as credit/debit card number, bank accounts, passcodes, private information – everything. Any security breach could lead to legal prosecutions and liabilities. Thus, a business must obtain a PCI DSS compliance certificate in this regard. Payment Card Industry — Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is a set of industrywide and globally standardized requirements supported by every international financial card system provider. It majorly deals with the internal and external risk management of data which includes;

  1. Removal of sensitive data.
  2. Protection of Networks.
  3. Security of payment card Applications.
  4. Monitoring and control over access to systems.
  5. Protection of stored cardholder data.
  6. Finalizing processes to support the maintenance of PCI DSS.
    Benefits of Secure Payment Gateways
    – Secured and encrypted online transactions.
    – Allow customers from all over the world to shop online. Hence, expanding the market range.
    – Faster, efficient, easier and simpler payments.
    – 24/7 availability. Through online shopping, your e-market opens 24/7 for customers to shop and
    pay online.
    – Effective management of Accounts.
    Choosing the type of Safe Merchant Account

– The whole of the payment process gets performed on the Merchant Website.
– It offers advanced features but it’s expensive and requires big investment.
– Transactions are quick; only takes 3-4 days.
– Complete control over funds.
– Requires a deep credit check.
– The overall procedure of opening an account and managing it is complex and time consuming. It
is best suited for induvial business owners.
– The merchant has to take the responsibility of purchasing SSL certificates and guaranteeing
client’s data security.
Aggregated Merchant Account.
– The financial payment process is outsourced by the merchant to a third-party service provider
such as PayPal, Skrill, etc.
– Simple payment procedure but requires merchant’s personal information.
– Slower Transactions; 5-6 days.
– Stores all funds including other people’s money.
– No credit checks.
– Most merchants use this account since it is quite simple and easier to employ.
– Privacy of client data and online security is the duty of the third party.

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